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Common Issues

Getting Error while running 'ant run.test' command

Typically, you might get an error with the message 'The <classpath> for <junit> must include junit.jar if not in Ant's own classpath'. This happens, if Junit.jar file is not present in the CLASSPATH environment variable. You can use either of the following solutions to recover from this error.
  • You have to edit the environment variable CLASSPATH to ensure that Junit.jar file is present in the value. Typically, the following change on command prompt also should help you to recover from this error. The below command is given as a reference only. Ensure that the root folder of Eclipse and plug-in folder name are correct.
>SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;D:\EduBB\Installs\Eclipse\plugins\org.junit_3.8.2.v20090203-1005\junit.jar
  • You could also copy Junit.jar file to %ANT_HOME%\lib folder.

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